In Plain View

In 2004, Canadian designers Hardip Manku and Zoum launched Plain Jane Homme via a tee shirt line, which has now evolved into a full men’s ready to wear collection based in Montreal. With a creative focus that was shaped while Hardip was a senior at McGill University majoring in psychology, and partner Zoum at Concordia studying economics, the chance interaction of two friends collaborated to create a concept. Manku and Zoum began a journey of dressing and designing for the man in search of Jane.

While the philosophy of Plain Jane Homme reflects someone with a casanova of a personality, the true Plain Jane zeitgeist knows the essential nature of courting his lady luck, and looking good while doing it. Plain Jane was created as homage to the untouchable girl next door. The girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be.

In an essence, Plain Jane Homme finds inspiration in those who foster a sense of a refined casanova, intersecting in unison with the proper and necessary charm that helps sculpt the ultimate gentleman. The collection is a complete men’s lifestyle brand. Once known for the graphic tees, the collection has now expanded consisting of outerwear, knits and a selection of bottoms.